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Introducing Edward & Robert's

Personal Development Program customized

for every individual


Profiling & Personal Development


10 ParticpantS

Customized Programs

Every Personal Development Program of Edward & Robert is custom made for our clients. Your personal questions together with your goals or if there is an issue you want to solve, form a part of the program. 



  1. We host four editions a year at the Safe House in Long Island New York.

  2. Fill out our intake. 

  3. Edward & Robert's Personal Development program. 2-day teaching and training at the New York Long Island Safe Houses. 

  4. Personal topics from your intake related to your career, personal and business life will be implemented in a section of the program. 

  5. For private booking, click on private booking and fill out the intake. 




  1. We expect honesty and respect for each other. 

  2. No use of cell phones during the sessions.

  3. No drugs and drinking policy. If you are using prescripted drugs please inform us in the intake.   


Some of the main topics of the program:


  • How to positively impact and strengthen your personal creativity and high performances.

  • How the brain gets wired, and how we you can unwire unhealthy patterns that are limiting you. 

  • Recognize, use & trust your gut-feeling.

  • How your gut feeling, emotional network of satisfaction and thoughts influences our cells-structures and body.

  • Turn suffering into power.

  • Meaning of discomfort in the body.

  • How to build a strong mind.

  • The Power of: self-honesty, kindness, compassion, understanding of true harmony, help you in daily life. 

  • Why synchronicity and our peer groups are related to each other.